“A People Person for the Peoples’ Court”

Judge Yvonne Williams Democrat

for Justice of the Peace Pct. 1

A People Person for the Peoples’ Court”

Compassion. Experience. Leadership.

I am running for re-election as Justice of the Peace Precinct One and ask for your vote. We have more work yet to accomplish here in Precinct one. COVID-19 presented many challenges this past year which we are working through.

Many of you have come to know our office to be a fair and just voice in this community who listens to all sides without presumptions. We have expanded our juvenile programs and community partnerships to identify and address the many challenges of truancy. We continue our partnerships with the local school districts, Prairie View Juvenile Justice Program as well as Huston Tillotson for our truancy needs. Our juvenile justice team have gone above and beyond to make these partnerships work for families in the system.

As one of the larger eviction dockets in Travis County, I have an open mind for all sides in these unfortunate times. We have reached out to funding sources and resources especially the county and legal sources to match them to both tenants & landlords.

For the many newcomers to our precinct, I invite you to look in on us, observing COVID protocols. Having made necessary adjustments for COVID restrictions:

  • Our juvenile justice team closed out record cases with positive results for students & their families with emphasis on mental health and resources extended for treatment of trauma
  • We meet regularly with all 5 JP precincts to address COVID issues
  • Magistrate duties continue as needed in criminal justice matters
  • The need for issuance of peace bond hearings is a regular in Precinct One which this office respects
  • I safely performed in person marriages throughout the COVID epidemic

As I approached this bench over 10 years ago, I understood then and continue to appreciate now that the Justice of the Peace Court is a pivotal position in the community. Justice Court is most citizens’ first contact with a formal courtroom, a true People’s Court. I plan to keep it citizen friendly.

I ask you for one more term to continue this work through the complexities and challenges of truancy, evictions, magistrate, and increased small claims.

You know me as a church member of the Greater Calvary Bible Church, as an instructor at ACC, as an active martial arts practitioner, an independent thinker. I look forward to continued service to the benefit of Precinct One.

I appreciate your support and all donations to get me past the finish line. Go to the $Cash App and Zelle accounts listed below. Let’s hear from you.

Judge Yvonne M. Williams,
Justice of the Peace Precinct One

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